Portland Area Counseling:

Are You Faking It On The Outside,
But Dying on the Inside?


            People looking at you from the outside might think you have it all… a family, a home, a career, and yet on the inside you are dying a slow death. If anyone really knew you they would see that you are “completely faking it.” Your sex life is lifeless; you hate your job; so you isolate, watch too much TV, look at porn and drink more than you should. Perhaps you have even have had an affair (or just thought about it). You do whatever it takes to distract you from that inner-pain because at a core level, you are terrified of being found out….So you just go on pretending like everything is just fine…until you explode.

If this sounds like you, guess what? You’re not alone, and there is hope. It is possible to become a better person, a better parent, and to like even who you see in the mirror.

           Hi, my name is Chuck Chapman.  I am a counselor working with people just like you in Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas. I work with men and women, helping them find ways to shed the guilt and shame, and overcome feelings of anxiety and depression that is holding them back.   

           But finding the right counselor is important; seeing a counselor can feel daunting because exposed emotions can be painful.  We work together to create a safe space where you can share what’s going on without feeling judged or shamed.  We collaborate to develop a plan that works for you.  Whether you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, addiction or communicating with your partner, seeing a counselor can be a powerful way to explore and find solutions for overcoming barriers that keep you stuck. I’m passionate about what I do because seeing people grow, change and live from a place of authenticity is amazingly gratifying.  My hope is that you walk away from the counseling experience with tools that will help you have a better life.

My sole purpose and hopeful intentions in counseling are to contribute toward helping people live better lives.

          You don’t have to wait one more day; give me a call at 503-804-4133 and let’s get you back on track. I am happy to provide you counseling at my office in South East Portland. Providing Counseling in Portland Oregon and the surrounding areas. Get the counseling you need that brings you together and makes your life better.You can also set up an appointment online by clicking here.


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